Furniture Care: Cleaning and Care

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One should preferably purchase furniture that are easy to maintain, as cleaning of furniture is needed regularly. However, once in a week or at least month they should be placed in sunlight.

Furniture should be specially taken care off during the rainy season. As accumulating of moisture is very easy. If once water is collected it can destroy the furniture. Before buying furniture it should be noticed that furniture should be made out of good quality of wood. It is the quality of wood which determines the lasting of furniture. Cleanliness of furniture is essential. Which products are right for furniture depend on the amount of use as well as climatic conditions?

There are a variety of products developed especially for furniture care. Such as Polishes, waxes, oil treatments, stains and preservatives are formulated to provide furniture protection from the elements and regular use. Varieties of other products are also available in market for furniture cleaning, like:

  1. Furniture Waxes: Furniture waxes afford the longest lasting protection for furniture and are available as a paste or liquid.

  2. Orange Oil: It can be used on any finish and does a superb job of removing everyday dirt and dust.

  3. Lemon Oil: is recommended for heavier routine cleaning and dusting. It contains mineral spirits for strong dirt and grime removal.

There are other products also, which can be used when cleaning with dry rug it avoids scratching the surface. There are many polishes available in the market which helps in cleaning the furniture. After cleaning from these polishes it adds the lost charm and shine in furniture’s. Most furniture polishes are emulsion base and can be used regularly on most furniture surfaces.

Furniture is the basic requirement of the entire house. If there is no furniture, how a house can look beautiful? Furniture dignifies the essence of house and for that proper cleaning and care of furniture is required. That only provides long lasting to all furniture.