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Collecting antiques is an expensive, but exhilarating hobby. Antique collectors explore the Net in search of antique items, regularly visit antique stores and read the ads of public auctions. Antique Roman and Hellenistic items, different items of Asia and China draw the attention of private collectors worldwide. Antiques websites inform the collectors about the news in the antique business, which gives them the opportunity to check and verify the latest discoveries and special offers.

There are numerous ways to collect antiques. Some people collect items of specific country or historical period. Others choose antiques of a specific origin or related to a certain tradition. For instance, some people collect armor and store at their homes Antique swords and daggers from foreign countries. Others choose to collect works of art, antique figurines, statues and drawings. Collectors often search for items from one particular country or region, such as ancient Byzantine or ancient Jewish figures. In other cases collectors search for figures of specific material and look for ancient glass or ancient oil lamps.

Some items of antique origin can be adapted for everyday use, while others are bought exclusively for aesthetic purposes. For instance, antique table clocks, antique mapping rings and wrist watches can be put to use in our days. Other items, such as African masks or antiques statues, are not used but put in a special place so that they should serve a part of the owner's collection and make his life happier.

Large sums of money are offered sometimes for original ancient charms and amulets, for clay antiques and other interesting items. These remnants of the past continue to represent our history and the history of the people we choose to explore, and the monetary value of such items sometimes means less than the cultural, aesthetic and historical value.

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