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1. Applying a Wood Polishing Stain
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You should always try and stain your wood as soon as possible after doing the final surface preparation this will help ensure a better final finish. The longer you wait the bigger chances you have of ...
... wood furniture. Read the below given tips on wood care for long life of wood furniture. Life of the wood can be increased by polishing it as this wont let the wood to dry too quickly. ...
3. Polishing Services
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We are London UK and Essex based company specialising in French Polishing & Furniture Restoration. We are committed to provide a top quality service tailored to your unique needs and pride ...
4. About Us
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... years experience of working in the French Polishing and the Antique Furniture industry including the last 16 years spent working together. Over this period John & Christian have built a significant ...
5. Polishing Tips