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1. HOT Photo Gallery Plugin
(User guide/Extensions)
Easily make pages with multiple images and fade-to-black effect on full image pop-up. We sell this plugin for $9.95. With this template, you get it FREE! images/stories/demo/cities All you need ...
2. Typography
(User guide/Features)
... may use in your text. Simply add appropriate class to your paragraphs to achieve this effect. Here's a sample code: <p class="warning">...your text here...</p>. The rest of text is just filler. ...
3. Reflection Effect
(User guide/Features)
...  How to add reflection effect to the picture Add class="reflect" to any image you'd like to have reflection effect, and you are done! To control the effect's height, use class="reflect ...
4. Hot Menu
(User guide/Features)
This template has a fast-loading jQuery based top menu with nested sub-menus. Sub-menu opens with a nice animation effect. Core Joomla files are not hacked. Module position User3 is reserved for the top ...