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1. Antique Reproduction Furniture
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... “period,” and “circa” will usually mean that the piece is original to the historical era mentioned – and much more expensive! About the Author: Regent Antiques has ...
2. Cultural Antiques
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Cultural antiques have many different values. First, they represent the history of a specific nation, and the history of its people. Some ancient nations have long ago disappeared from the face of the ...
3. Using On-line Web Shop
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Collecting antiques is an expensive, but exhilarating hobby. Antique collectors explore the Net in search of antique items, regularly visit antique stores and read the ads of public auctions. Antique ...
4. Antiques for Life
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Most of us are fun of collecting antiques or old things that varies for its sensational craftsmanship, the quality, the age, and the uniqueness of a things which called or belongs already to antique ...
5. How to Determine the Value of Antiques
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Antiques are prized for their rarity, artistry, age and uniqueness. Most collectors who have gained enough experience in this field are familiar with the basics of establishing the value of an item. ...
6. Polishing Services
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...  Carpentry: Maybe you are reading this thinking I don’t own antiques but I could still benefit from the work of a skilled carpenter. M&S French Polishers & Antique Furniture Restoration ...